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Le Talbooth welcomed a special guest for lunch last week.  Marie-Louise Higgins celebrated the anniversary of the day she first arrived at Le Talbooth – 60 years ago in 1956!

Le Talbooth was a very different place from the award-winning restaurant that it is today and Marie-Louise was the first of many who came to Dedham from Appenzell in Switzerland.  Pictured from left to right at the old front door at Le Talbooth is Ruth Barber (who is also from Appenzell), Terry Barber, Heather Chambers, Marie-Louise Higgins and Paul Milsom.

In 1956, Heather Chambers was in charge of the kitchen and Terry Barber was just a schoolboy who eventually became head chef at Le Talbooth.  One thing hasn’t changed though, Le Talbooth sits in an idyllic position on the river Stour in Essex looking over the border into Suffolk and is justifiably the flagship of Milsom Hotels & Restaurants.

Mon 23 May 2016, Milsom Hotels