A joyous occasion

Dear Mr Rhodes

I think it was last April when I made contact with you regarding a dinner party for my daughter’s 50th birthday.

I then withdrew from the organisation (or was I pushed?). My daughter, Alison then took over and was in constant contact with your excellent Emily. The dinner took place last Saturday. The whole evening was a most joyous occasion. Excellent food and of course liquid refreshment! My wife and I would like to thank Le Talbooth very much for everything they did to make our evening such a memorable one.

A special thanks also to Jenny (I hope my memory of her name is correct) who remained with us until our evening was over. Her attention to detail and looking after us all with our differing wishes was over and above the norm in so many restaurants today.

As always, your advice and help over our own many requests is most appreciated.

Best wishes


Tue 27 Oct 2015, Sue Bunting