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‘There’s business and there’s Milsom Business’ 

We are always looking at ways to enhance the offering to our guests, such as the electric charging tower at Milsoms Kesgrave Hall, and what could be better than the recently launched incentive scheme?  Book meetings, lunch, dinner or overnight stays and gain points for every booking made.

Sue Tasker, Business manager at Milsom Hotels & Restaurants commented  ‘We have been thinking of introducing a reward scheme for our regular business guests for some time; so I’m delighted to announce the Incentive Scheme is now ‘live’.  Simply download the information and the reward card here and start collecting your points today’

The rewards start with afternoon tea or a Gin Flight at The Pier to lunch or dinner at Le Talbooth with the ultimate ‘prize’ being an overnight stay at Maison Talbooth, to find out more visit Milsom Business


Mon 24 Jul 2017, Milsom Hotels