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We were delighted to receive a fascinating historical review of The Pier on the Most Famous Hotels in the World website.

The website’s travelling ambassador and correspondent Adrian Mourby visit the coastal Essex town of Harwich to explore the history of both The Pier hotel and the streets surrounding it.

Described as “one of the most remarkable corners of Britain”, Mourby discusses Harwich’s long maritime history, from the estranged wife of King Edward II, to the famous Mayflower ship, to English diarist Samuel Pepys and the Great Eastern Railway.

The Pier clearly made a lasting impression on the writer, who noted: “Harwich is a surprisingly lovely place to wander with more than its fair share of historic buildings but if it weren’t for the Pier Hotel I don’t think it would get as many visitors as it does today.”

You can read the full article on the Famous Hotels website, or discover more about The Pier hotel and our restaurants, the Harbourside and The Ha’penny Bistro on our website.


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Wed 15 Jul 2015, Milsom Hotels