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The Pier are justifiably proud of their Gin Library in the NAVYÄRD and with well over 110 gins set out over four shelves in the bar, it’s definitely something to shout about.

We all have our favourite gins, so now is the time to try out some new flavours; the NAVYÄRD team are very knowledgeable when it comes to helping you choose your new ‘favourite’.  And the names … such as West Winds Cutlass, Smooth Ambler Double Barrel, King of Soho, Dictador Ortodoxy and Fifty Pounds (is that how much a bottle would cost?), we can’t help wondering how some of the gins came by such fascinating names!

To help you get the most from the Gin Library, the NAVYÄRD team have put together three gin flights for you to enjoy:

  • Powder Monkey £17   3 gins from the ‘Lower Shelf’.
  • Quartermaster £20   3 gins from the ‘Upper Shelf’.
  • Captain £25   4 of your favourite gins from across all four shelves.All are served with suggested mixers and garnishes.

And if you’d like to stay with us at The Pier, there’s a special offer Summer by the Sea which includes the Captains Gin Flight, three course dinner, overnight stay and breakfast for £115 per person.

Next time you’re at The Pier ask Luke or Jack about the Gin Map which helps you choose (and tick off) your favourite gins – a must for any gin lover

Please note: the Gin Flights and Summer by the Sea are only available to persons over the age of 18




Fri 14 Jul 2017, Milsom Hotels