Milsoms in Dedham and milsoms Kesgrave Hall are working closely with Otley College who are currently developing a pig unit at their campus near Ipswich.

“The pigs at Otley College are a traditional saddleback breed that is known for its high quality meat that is both succulent and flavoursome. The pigs are kept in a high welfare system with low stocking densities than found in commercial systems. During the spring and summer months the sows are kept outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and nice weather. In the autumn and winter they are housed indoors with lots of straw to keep them warm! Keeping the animals in this helps produce a fine pig that has excellent pork eating quality…”

The pork has so far been used at milsoms in Dedham and Kesgrave Hall but the plan is to use throughout the group when the unit gets into full production. Otley College are planning to reinvest the money that is made from the sale of the meat to create outdoor paddocks for the piglets so that they can also be housed outdoors in a “free-range” system.

In the autumn there are plans to develop the partnership further. Our chefs will work with the development kitchens at Otley to produce local salami, hams, bacon and black pudding. Sounds delicious!

+Sue Bunting

Fri 5 Jun 2009, Sue Bunting