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What better way to arrive at The Pier than by water? We were delighted last year to hear that Christian Zemann had bought the Harwich Foot Ferry, which runs across the river Stour in a perfect triangle from Shotley to Harwich to Felixstowe.

But there’s even better news this year as Christian has bought a new ferry which carries up to 58 people, so there’ll no longer be the disappointment of being left behind when the ferry is full waiting for the return trip.  The ferry operates all day, every day, from March to October – here’s a link to the timetable. Christian is more than happy to accommodate all kinds of transport on board, as you can see from the picture when the ITFC Charity Cycle Ride hitched a lift to Felixstowe complete with numerous bikes!

The foot ferry is also available for private evening charters, so what could be better than hopping aboard the ferry with a group of friends, booking the Saloon, the superb private dining room at The Pier, to enjoy great evening before catching the ferry back to Felixstowe or Shotley (the last ferry departs an hour after sunset).

If you’d like to know more, give The Pier a call on 01255 241212.

Thu 14 Jul 2016, Milsom Hotels