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Julia Hammond, a freelance journalist commissioned by Greater Anglia to write a blog post on Harwich (arriving by train on the Mayflower Line of course!), contacted us a couple of weeks ago with a request to visit The Pier.  We of course, know that Harwich is a great place to visit so were delighted to also see mention of the Harwich Harbour Ferry, Seal Watching, the Electric Palace and the LV18 as well as The Pier.

Here is the opening paragraph:

It’s the people that make a place special.  How often have you read that?  It’s been written so often it’s a travel cliché.  But sometimes it’s also true.

Greater Anglia have a range of offers on rail journeys across the network this summer.  They invited me to pick somewhere in the network and in return for a rail ticket, they asked me to blog about my trip.  I chose Harwich.  I’ll admit that having consulted the timetable, I was a little concerned.  To reach Harwich from my starting point necessitated two changes of train and with just a few minutes between each, I anticipated spending half the morning in Manningtree.  After all, this wasn’t Switzerland, was it?  I needn’t have worried.  The trains were punctual, the connections made without even having to power walk and the carriages clean and comfortable.  The views as we made our way on the Mayflower Line along the River Stour were the icing on the cake, and I thought what a refreshing change it was not to have to focus on the road and be able to enjoy them.

Read the rest of the article here  and thank you Julia for a great blog!

Thu 3 Aug 2017, Milsom Hotels