If you are looking for a great massage then the Hydrotherm set of massages in the Treatment Rooms at Maison Talbooth could be just right for you.

Relax on a lovely warm water bed as part of a relaxing treatment which allows the therapists to give a deep, sweeping massage aided by the weight of the body and we’re sure you’ll soon feel the benefits.

There are four great Hydrotherm treatments to choose from at The Treatment Rooms. Our shortest treatment is the ‘Hydrotherm 25’ ultimate back and shoulder massage, or for something a little longer, try the ‘Hydrotherm 55’ full body massage.

If you have more time, the ‘Hydrotherm 85’ marathon massage is sure to help you leave your stresses behind, or for something completely different, experience the ‘Hydrotherm 4 hands’ full body massage with two therapists (that’s where the four hands come in!) that will cut down the treatment time to just 40 minutes.

Hydrotherm 25 – 25 minutes for £37.00
Hydrotherm 55 – 55 minutes for £68.00
Hydrotherm 85 – 85 minutes for £88.00
Hydrotherm 4 hands – 40 minutes for £99.00

To book your appointment or find out more details, call 01206 322367 or email [email protected]

+ Sue Bunting

Wed 13 May 2015, Milsom Hotels