Ipswich Waterfront Gallery & Exhibitions

Art exhibitions presented by the University Campus Suffolk (“UCS”) Ipswich Waterfront Gallery. This free display highlights the cultural attractions of an innovative new academic programme formed through the cooperative efforts of the University of East Anglia and the University of Essex.

Waterfront Gallery

The Waterfront Gallery maintained by UCS welcomes visitors to the Waterfront Building on Neptune Quay in Ipswich. Open daily: Monday through Friday, beginning at 9 a.m. and extending until 5 p.m. (Mondays through Thursdays) or 4 p.m. (Fridays).

The Waterfront Gallery’s goals include displaying art programmes to the public offering “diverse and dynamic” qualities. The facility hopes to showcase pieces created by artists from East Anglia and Suffolk. It encourages faculty members, staff members and students at UCS to exhibit their works of art for the enjoyment of the public.

Additionally, the Waterfront Gallery offers a venue for outreach towards the greater Ipswich community, including individuals who create in diverse genres. It seeks to furnish support to artists from the local area throughout their careers. Community groups, festivals, schools, civic organizations and private individuals all enjoy the opportunity to present their work for exhibition in this innovative new Ipswich setting.

Exhibitions Planned During 2016

The Ipswich Waterfront Gallery plans to display a number of modern and contemporary innovative art exhibitions during the first half of 2016. Although UCS has not yet revealed the details of all of these collections yet, some of the exhibitions will include an ensemble of drawings and other aids used by working local artists, a photography display and a modern art show prepared by USC’s Artist in Residence, Annabel Dover.

Upcoming exhibitions later in 2016 or beyond plan to display items from the East Contemporary Art collection assembled by Robert Priseman and Simon Carter, a permanent collection maintained by USC intended to reflect the diversity of artistic talent in Eastern England.

Some scheduled attractions include:

Subjective Collateral Elements

From January 4th through February 19th, visitors enjoy the opportunity to review the Collateral Drawing East Anglia exhibit. This gallery display calls upon the work of 16 artists from East Anglia. They have offered collateral drawings and other creative environmental elements displayed alongside finished art pieces, revealing the subjective environmental factors contributing to the successful preparation of final work of art.

The curators requested several months ago that the artists preserve selected elements of their creative environment in order to assemble this public exhibition at the new Ipswich Waterfront Gallery and participate as one of a series of contemporary Collateral Drawing exhibitions exploring the subjective nature of modern artistic design.

The Collateral Drawing Series began at Plymouth College of Art in February, 2014. The traveling exhibition has appeared in several European venues, including Berlin and Athens.

Some of the artists with East Anglia associations mentioned in the Ispwich Waterfront Gallery show include:

Bella Easton;
Ryan Gander;
Michael Stubbs;
Kayle Brandon;
Graham Crowley;
Rebecca & Mike;
Chris Hawtin;
Biggs & Collings;
Richard Wathen;
Glenn Brown;
Stephen Felmingham;
Julian Perry;
John Stark;
Gillian Carnegie;
Daphne Warburg Astor.

Celebrating East Anglian Photography

The PhotoEast Festival will occur at the USC Ipswich Waterfront Gallery between May 24th and June 25th. The show features contemporary photos from the United Kingdom contributed by residents residing in communities connected to the East Suffolk railway line.

The event hopes to generate regular income for residents of communities participating in PhotoEast showings. It draws support from two local organizations, The Cut and Dance East. University Campus Suffolk, Atlas Gallery and Panos Pictures have also allied their resources in order to present this unusual modern photography exhibition. The sponsors have announced that participants plan a comprehensive series of contemporary artistic events, including:

Unexpected spontaneous gatherings;
Traditional photography venues;
Events in churches;
Events along bus routes;
Events in shipping crates.

Exploring Psychopathology

University Campus Suffolk’s Artist in Residence, Annabel Dover, has prepared an exhibit exploring the topic of psychopathology in everyday life. The Ispwich Waterfront Gallery will sponsor this show during three weeks in March, 2016: it takes place between March 7th and March 30th.

The presentation derives its name from the title of a psychology text published by Sigmund Freud in 1901, The Psychopathology of Everyday Life. That work focuses on the significance of lost objects, typographical errors and mannerisms of speech.

Annabel Dover, a Liverpool native who holds a PhD in Fine Art from Wimbledon College of Art, strives to investigate how objects used in daily life mediate social relationships. The artists writes that this research intentionally reflects engineering to present “mythical” and “disjointed” elements, among others.


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