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Teaching your children to swim is one of the most rewarding things a parent can do. It’s a landmark moment for you and your young one, representing a key milestone in their development and their first real display of independence.

They’re having fun, but also gaining invaluable skills for survival at the same time. Your child may already be having official lessons or have experience of being submerged in water at a young age, but even so, safely exposing them to swimming pools and the enjoyment of water is a critical factor in their learning.

To enjoy the experience even more, let those first few swimming strokes happen at Maison Talbooth, where we have a secluded and heated outdoor pool that is available all year round. The pool house, hot tub and swimming pool are set in the gardens of Maison Talbooth and overlook the Dedham Vale countryside on the edge of the Suffolk-Essex border, made famous by artist John Constable who chose its expansive landscapes as the subject of many paintings.

Maison Talbooth Pool House


Heated Swimming Pool

The pool is heated to a minimum temperature of 85° all year round and is especially good for children through spring, summer and the early autumn. Although the swimming pool is not attended by a guard, it is located within a walled and gated area which is accessed using key codes. Once inside, the pool itself is entirely visible from all angles for added peace of mind.

One of the features of the Maison swimming that makes it so good for learning is the easy entry steps that line the entire length of the water, meaning you can choose the depth that’s right for you and your children while knowing they’ll be confident as they can easily touch the floor with their feet. These steps also make the perfect platform from which you kids can launch themselves fully in to the pool, either with their arm bands or at that brilliant moment when they’re able to swim unaided.

Open All Day

Maison Talbooth is synonymous with luxury and relaxation and this may all sound like quite hard work, but there’s no need to worry, as in between the swimming practice the Maison Pool House is fully stocked with snacks and refreshments, and the pool is lined with sun loungers and parasols. Our team are always on hand to provide lunches and service from the main house too. The pool is open all day from early on through to dusk, so you’re in absolutely no rush whatsoever.

Midweek Breaks in Essex

If you’re thinking of starting your children early in the pool, then take advantage of midweek stays at Maison Talbooth – often a little quieter and with the added advantage of lower cost room rates on Monday to Thursdays. If your young ones are not quite at school age, or if they are at school and break up early, then it could be the perfect opportunity to book a stay and enjoy all the facilities at Maison Talbooth in Dedham, Essex. Milsoms restaurant is also just a short distance away and a great place for a relaxed and informal lunch or dinner with the kids, with outside dining most of the year.

Once your kids are confident and swimming by themselves, your holidays begin to become that little bit more relaxing and there’s no better way to kick back than in the sunshine by a warm pool that has easy access, showers, robes, towels, a hot tub and all the refreshments you’ll need throughout the day. What’s more, once your kids are showing signs of becoming then next Karen Pickering or Michael Phelps, you could always get them started on tennis on the adjacent court overlooking the swimming pool…

but perhaps one stroke at a time for now!

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Maison Talbooth Pool House



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