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We are delighted to include this press release from Tony Bramley of Storm Photography.  Tony has been one of our preferred wedding photographers for several years so its great to hear that he has gained this top award from The Royal Photographic Society.

Tony Bramley FRPS, has been recognised for his work in bringing a dynamic form of the Modernist Russian avant-garde movement of Suprematism into photography. At The Royal Photographic Society Annual Awards held at the Royal Society in London, he was presented with the  Bill Wisden MBE HonFRPS Fellowship of the Year Award, for the most outstanding panel of work achieving a Fellowship. Professional photographer Tony, produced a unique body of work with twenty images of abstracted photographs, produced in the style of Dynamic Suprematism from early twentieth century Russian avant-garde artist Kazimir Malevich. Tony now hopes this will help to secure future commissions and exhibitions of this extremely abstract form of photography. The original submission passed the three stage process for Fellowship with The Royal Photographic Society back in November 2015, the centenary year of Malevich’s Suprematism movement. Tony’s innovative work was a style of photography the RPS had never seen before and became a big talking point at the Society. Photographers who have tried this style in the past have generally produced works that were still objective. Tony has transformed his photographs into the totally non-objective, using just the pure beauty of the existing geometric elements that are around our everyday world and captured in his ‘donor’ images.

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The Royal Photographic Society: The Royal Photographic Society is an educational charity promoting both the art and science of photography and aims to help individuals realise their potential as photographers. It is a membership organisation but, as a charity, undertakes a significant number of activities for the public benefit. The Society’s Awards are made annually to individuals who have made significant contributions to the art and science of photography and across all areas of imaging. The Society has given Awards to international photographers and those working in photography since 1878 when the Progress Medal was first introduced. They are presented annually and cover fifteen categories from photographers through to those working as photographic scientists, curators and educators. – See more at:

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