Platinum Ball Auction - Lot 4

Prize details:

A ‘Norfolk McNab’ consisting of a day in South Norfolk during which the winner of this lot will take on the pursuit of ‘fur, feather and fin’.  Guided by a stalker, the winner will spend the morning stalking a fallow, roe or Chinese water deer buck.  After lunch he/she will be driven to another area where, accompanied by a guide and dog, the afternoon will be spent walking up with the aim of shooting a brace of pheasant. Later in the afternoon, the winner will then be taken to East Tuddenham and the lakes of the Norfolk & Suffolk Fly Fishers Society, where the remainder of the afternoon and the evening ‘rise’ will be spent trying to catch a trout.

Courtesy of:

ABF The Soldiers’ Charity

Online bidding ends:

12 noon on Sunday, 1st May

Starting bid: £750

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