Celebrating 70 Years at Le Talbooth

As well as an important year for Her Majesty the Queen, 2022 is also an important year for Le Talbooth as the restaurant celebrates its 70th birthday.

Let us go back to 1952 when the late Gerald Milsom ‘discovered’ Le Talbooth on his way home to London; he called in to what was then a tearoom and was told by the owner that the business was for sale. He persuaded his parents and sister that their future lay on the banks of the River Stour in Dedham and the rest is history.

Fast forward 70 years and we are going to be holding a week of parties to mark this great occasion; although the detail has yet to be finalised, here is a brief outline of our plans.

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Sunday 1st May to Saturday 7th May 2022

‘Seven days of spectacular events to celebrate our seven decades’

Here is a brief outline, we are still in the planning stage – more detail to follow soon!

Platinum Ball

Sunday 1st May

Champagne Tea Dance

Monday 2nd May

Wine and Food Safari
with Mr Wheeler

Tuesday 3rd May

Music and Magic

Wednesday 4th May

Bordeaux Dinner
with Mr Wheeler

Thursday 5th May

Caribbean BBQ

Friday 6th May

V E Ball

with the Army Band, Colchester
(formerly the Band of the Parachute Regiment)

Saturday 7th May

The Marquee, gardens and Le Talbooth will be ‘dressed’ for the occasion with a different theme for each of the seven days, the chefs are already talking about the seven different menus and we know its going to be a fabulous week filled with fun, laughter and memories.

We will also be supported by the Army and will be raising money for the ABF, The Soldiers Charity throughout the week.  The main reasons behind this choice are that Gerald served his National Service in the Army Catering Corps and thus started his lifelong love of food and cooking; also, we have already raised in excess of £47,000 for this worthwhile charity at previous events and have pledged to add to this in 2022.

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Thank you for your interest in the Platinum Festival, its going to be a week to remember and we’d love you to be part of it.

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