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We’re incredibly excited by the new-look of The Pier and NAVYÄRD and will be putting the final touches to this stunning Harwich venue this week.

The Pier at Harwich is a restaurant with rooms and will be a very special destination for lovers of great food and drink. The first floor restaurant will overlook the harbour and is only a stone’s throw from the estuary where the fresh fish is landed daily.

Featuring a menu that is proudly influenced by the best European cooking and celebrates the changing food influences from Britain’s mainland and our European peers, The Pier’s spacious interiors and design reference Harwich’s industrial past while striking a balance between function, luxury and glamour.

On the ground floor – and located just 20 metres from the harbour wall – is the NAVYÄRD bar and terrace, which will be ‘the’ go-to destination for our neighbours, friends and welcomed guests.

This continentally-inspired bar will boast an enviable drinks and gin list. The Gin Library offers four levels of gins across four shelves, along with our craft, cask and artisan beers, ales and a Nordic-inspired small-plate bar menu.

The NAVYÄRD bar and terrace takes its name from the shipyard which built more than 60 vessels between the 17th and 19th century. This industry was at the heart of the Harwich community and in the 19th century when the Great Eastern Railway arrived, it was possible to leave London Liverpool St. Station, arrive in Harwich and be in Rotterdam or Zeebrugge within 14 hours. It was the late 19th century when The Pier first opened and much has changed since that time. The 21st century redefined brasserie and bedrooms champion all-things Harwich and aims to become East Anglia’s number one coastal destination for great food and drink.

We can’t wait for the new launch and hope you’re as excited about it as we are!

Mon 16 May 2016, Milsom Hotels