From Ha’penny Pier, take a fast-boat ride to the Walton backwaters through the backwaters to Oakley creek, known as Hamford Water Nature Reserve, where the seals enjoy resting on the mudbanks.

In addition to seals, a variety of birds can be spotted including the Wigeon, Pintail, Ringed Plover, Curlew, Dunlincan, Sandpipers, Gannets and Arctic Skuas.

You can enjoy one of the many tours throughout summer and winter, or alternatively book a private hire trip. One of the boats is an open vessel and one has a cover. Both are unfortunately not disability friendly.

The trip is approximately 120 minutes.

Adult prices start from £26.40 per person

Book direct on their website.


Sightings guaranteed! – So far every single trip has seen lots of seals but if you don’t see seals close up you get a free trip!

Thu 8 Dec 2022, Kieran