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We are delighted to announce that the Harwich Harbour Foot Ferry has just bought a new 12 seater boat for excursions into Hamford Water and the Walton backwaters.  And the reason? Seal watching!

There are currently more than 70 seals in the Walton backwaters,  from only five in 1986 so they are thriving in the environment.  The colony of both harbour seals and grey seals are unusually  a russet colour for much of the year due to the iron oxide-rich mud on to which they rest while on land.   The best way, and we believe the only way, to view the seals is from the water, although occasionally a seal (or seals) can be viewed in Harwich harbour.

To book your trip (about 80 to 100 minutes depending on the tides) visit the Seal Watching website, alternatively give The Pier a call on 01255 241212, the team will be pleased to help.



Mon 31 Jul 2017, Milsom Hotels