Special Party in the Weavers, Le Talbooth

Dear Emily,

Firstly my sincere apologies that it has taken me until now to write but I wanted to add my voice to that of my father’s (email – Ian Rhodes 27 Oct) to say a sincere thank you to you and your team for the way in which we were cared for on my special night, Saturday 24th October 2015. As you know the occasion was very important to me and the organisation, care, food, drink, was everything that I could have hoped for. The fact that the Le Talbooth also accommodated our very specific requirements was again greatly appreciated. It was indeed a very special evening.

I cannot go further without mentioning the exceptional Jenny whom I feel we were incredibly lucky to have. I thought it inspired to have one person to oversee the whole evening and with the exception of discreet waiters/chefs in the background it gave a more intimate, personal feel. Jenny was simply a delight, so attentive and yet so discreet at the same time – a difficult balance to master I would imagine and yet she did it perfectly. We cannot thank her enough for all the photo taking and ultimately helping us down to the car with numerous decorative items that we had brought at the end of a very long evening. Jenny’s professionalism and delightful personality never wavered once and we will long remember her.

Whilst I would like to ask you to extend my thanks to all those concerned ‘front of house’ and ‘behind the scenes’, my final thanks must of course go to you for all the planning and attention to every detail in the planning for the big day. All my guests thoroughly enjoyed the evening and your liaison with Paula and me (as/when I could join in!) was so meticulous and never faltered on any detail. It is not many restaurants where we could arrange for such a large Television screen and all that entailed. The end result of the dear (absent) friend who was featured on it remains a memory that I will cherish forever.

I do hope that all continues to go well for you and I look forward to sampling the delights of Le Talbooth again,

With very best wishes,


Thu 19 Nov 2015, Sue Bunting