Just want to drop a quick email to praise the waiter for our table last night. 

I unfortunately didn’t catch his name but if it helps we sat at table 40 between around 8.30pm and 10.30pm. He was a young guy, blonde hair, so very polite.

The food was great as usual, as was the surroundings but unfortunately my little boy fell unwell during our meal. We only live on Grange Farm so popped off to get him some calpol, and the waiter didn’t mind asking the kitchen to hold our mains until my partner got back. He then kept coming back to check all was ok, if he needed water and even came over to see whether we needed any blankets as we were outside and my little boy had curled up in a chair and fallen asleep. 

That waiter left an impression on us all at our table and I hope you can narrow it down to who he was and pass on our thanks. 

He really deserves recognition for what he does. 

Kind regards



Tue 9 Aug 2016, Sue Bunting