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We were delighted to be approached by Adrian and Lesley Rawlinson with the idea of The Pier being included in Essential Suffolk’s ‘Darcy’s Dog Walks’.

Harwich is a great place for a bracing walk along the promenade to Dovercourt, taking in the views over to Felixstowe and Bawdsey.

Part of the fun is watching the huge ships manoeuvre their way into Felixstowe Docks to unload their cargo – sometimes with the added bonus of seeing a cruise ship depart to who knows where.

This particular walk was a little different as it started on the water with a short ride on the Foot Ferry before landing in Harwich.

Adrian, Lesley and Darcy walked along the prom and through Harwich old town before ending up The Pier for lunch (the Ha’penny bar is dog-friendly).

For more information about the ferry timetable, do give The Pier a call on 01255 241212.


The Pier

Stunning sea food and fabulous rooms in Harwich…

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