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The Tulip Festival is about to begin at Le Talbooth, which can only mean one thing – spring has really arrived and summer is just around the corner – we promise!

Yesterday, we had our first lunches on the terrace when several brave souls sat outside beside the river.  Actually, not that brave as we have some amazing heaters to keep you warm.

Which brings us to the most talked about topic at Le Talbooth this month – what are the ‘triffid’ like plants which have sprung up in the flower beds?  The answer is Frittillaria Persica, some of which are quite unruly but we’re starting to love them.  The ‘spring’ planting started with Polyanthus Blue Shades, followed by the amazing vibrant blue of the grape hyacinths (Muscari Armeniacum) and the aforementioned Fritillaria.  The first (and much awaited) tulip – Tulip Yokahama – came out today, a brilliant yellow which is the perfect partner for the grape hyacinths.  In a few short weeks they will be joined by Tulip Angelique (pastel pink), Tulip Queen of the Night (dark red/black) and lastly Tulip Crystal Star (deep yellow).

The Tulip Festival at milsoms in Dedham, Kesgrave Hall and Le Talbooth is not to missed so come and see us soon!

Thu 14 Apr 2016, Milsom Hotels