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New for The Treatment Rooms

We are excited to let you know of the new and exciting treatments and brands in The Treatment Rooms. A recent upgrade to our Oxyjet machine includes the introduction of new probes and techniques to this amazing results driven treatment. The new machine not only offers the pressure injection of pure oxygen but now combines this with diamond peeling microdermabrasion, lift and tone to the jaw line, brush cleansing and exfoliating, blue and red light for soothing and anti ageing of the skin, Leaving you with glowing, firm, smooth, plumped and refreshed skin, in fact everything we want and need! We recommend a course of 6 treatments for lasting results and will be offering taster add ons and in-between treatments to boost your glow.

Oxyjet Express Filler.

25mins.                 £50

This express filler treatment provides immediate visible results in just 25 short minutes. A taster of everything the Oxyjet machine can offer with instant visible benefits, tightened facial contours, reduced expression lines, youthful appearance with increase blood circulation, the result firm, fresh and moisture drenched skin.

The De Luxe Oxygen Treatment

85mins.                 £120

Give your skin a new breath of life, this oxygen infused treatment pumps oxygen into the skin with no needles- a similar result to Botox with a course of treatments. The De Luxe oxygen treatment combines a combination of techniques to leave you with smooth, tightened, toned and firm skin. A treatment combination of pulsed oxygen pressure injection, oxygen diamond peeling, OXY clear, deep cleansing exfoliation using blue and red light, OXY tone, OXY lifting. The results are amazing, don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourselves

Next, we have revolutionised our nail offering with the introduction of Nail Harmony UK, a family run company providing us with Gelish gel polish and the new evolutionary Polygel Nail system.

Gelish soak off gel polish, leaves you with instantly dry and shiny nails for up to 21 days, with a wide selection of colours which changes seasonally.

Book yourself a file and Gelish Manicure or Pedicure for £37 or for a fuller more luxury Gelish Manicure or Pedicure £57.00.

PolyGel is something NEW and very different to anything we have offered here at the treatment rooms before. It’s an amazing lightweight, all in one formula that creates a sculptured and extended nail or an overlay on your natural nails for support and protection. The unique putty-like viscosity ensures smooth, flawless nails with a smooth and even colour. The PolyGel formula combines an acrylic powder for strength with photo initiators providing workability without the unpleasant monomer odour that some acrylics leave. A MUST try for perfect hard wearing nails always.

Full set of Polygel Sculpture £55.00 or

Overlays on your natural nails £35.00

Call 01206 322367 or email [email protected] to book or to speak to one of our experienced therapists about which treatment is right for you.


Thu 25 May 2017, Milsom Hotels