A la carte



Fillet of Red Mullet

Tomato, pea and broad bean croustade with lobster bisque (C, E, F, G, Mk, Mu, SD)


Venison Loin Carpaccio and Haunch Bon Bon

Blackberry gel, capers, Parmesan, trompettes and curly endive (E, G, Mk, Mu, SD)


Warm Pavé of Talbooth Smoked Salmon

Avruga caviar, saffron emulsion, cucumber and preserved lemon (E, F, Mk, Mu, SD)


Duck Liver Parfait and Warm Brioche

Confit duck boudin, pancetta and almond crumble, orange and Port reduction (E, G, Mk, N, SD)


Garlic King Prawn Caesar

Little gem, Parmesan, crispy onion and bacon (C, E, F, G, Mk, Mu, SD)


Bucklesham Asparagus

Serrano ham and smoked cheddar croque monsieur, Pommery mustard and confit egg yolk (E, G, Mk Mu, SD)


Soy, Honey and Sesame Seared Sashimi Tuna

Siam sauce, avocado, radish, lime and coriander (F, G, Mu, Mk, S, SD, Se)


Pressing of Guineafowl Breast and Rillettes

Parsley jelly, baby beetroot, pickled shimeji mushrooms and Lollo Rosso (Mk, Mu, SD)




Dry Aged Fillet of British Beef

Potato pressing, charred leek, girolle mushrooms, watercress and Madeira jus (Mk, SD)


Pan Roast Fillet of Stone Bass and Tiger Prawns

White asparagus, black garlic, samphire and beurre rouge (C, F, Mk, SD)


Dingley Dell Pork Tenderloin and Barbeque Rib

Butternut squash purée, cavolo nero, pickled mustard seeds with maple and Pommery sauce (F, G, Mk, Mu, S, SD)


Breast and Confit Leg of Creedy Carver Duck

Poached peach, fennel purée, endive and red wine jus (Mk, Mu, SD)


Butter Roast Saddle of Lamb and Belly Pastilla

Confit potatoes, black olive caramel, tomato, courgette and Madeira jus (E, G, Mk, Mu, SD)


Butter Roast Fillet of Atlantic Skate

Crème fraîche leeks, clams, mussels, sea herbs and fish velouté (F, Mk, Mo, SD)


Stuffed Rabbit Loin and Roast Rack

Jersey Royals, truffled peas, chestnut mushrooms with bacon and peppercorn sauce (E, G, Mk, SD)


28 Day Dry Aged Chateaubriand for two

Dauphinoise potatoes, green beans, glazed shallots, Madeira jus, béarnaise sauce (E, Mk, SD)


If you would like extra vegetables or potatoes then we offer the following sides: £5.25 each
Dauphinoise (Mk, SD)
Spinach and ricotta (Mk)
Triple cooked chips
Tenderstem broccoli, garlic oil and Parmesan (Mk)
New potatoes (Mk)
Fine beans, spring onion and pine nuts (Mk)
Pomme purée (Mk)
Talbooth salad (Mu, SD)



Peach and Rosemary Soufflé

Raspberries and almond ice-cream (E, Mk, N, SD)


Lemon Verbena Panna Cotta and Strawberries

Rhubarb, brandy snap, strawberry & lime sorbet (E, G, Mk, SD)


Belgian White Chocolate Delice

Brownie, caramelised white chocolate and toasted macadamia ice-cream (E, G, Mk, N, SD)


Apricot Pavlova

Honey poached apricot, black pepper meringue and Granny Smith sorbet (E, Mk)


Glazed Caribbean Banana Bread

Mango curd, passion fruit marshmallow, rum gel and coconut ice-cream (E, G, Mk, N, SD)


Talbooth Welsh Rarebit

Quince jelly and tahoon cress (C, E, F, G, Mk, Mu, SD)


Chef’s Selection Cheese Board

Homemade grape chutney, biscuits, grapes and celery (E, G, L, Mk, N, SD)


Dessert and sweet wine (100ml glass)


Straw Wine, Chenin Blanc, D.Trafford, Stellenbosch


Passito di Noto, DOC, Planeta, Sicilia (1)


Elysium, Black Muscat, Andrew Quady, California (2)


Chateau Petit Vedrines, Sauternes, France (3)


Dessert wine flight


35ml of each that are stated




All of which are served with handmade chocolates...

Paddy & Scott’s coffee


Liqueur coffee


Deluxe premium hot chocolate