Fixed Price Lunch Menu

Monday 24th to Saturday 29th June 2024


Parma Ham and Cheddar Croquettes

Compressed melon, rocket pesto and toasted pine nuts (E, G, Mk, Mu, N, SD)

Grilled Fillet of Mackerel

Siam sauce, pickled kohlrabi with tomato and broad bean salsa (F, G, Mk, Mu, S, SD)

Pea Velouté (v)

Truffled bon bon and crème fraîche (E, G, Mk)

Bucklesham Asparagus (v)

Sauce hollandaise (E, Mk, SD)


Dingley Dell Pork Tenderloin and Glazed Pigs Cheek

Crispy potato tubes, spring peas, oyster mushroom and mustard sauce (Mk, Mu, SD)

Breast of Guineafowl

Herb gnocchi, caramelised shallot, broad beans with chestnut mushroom and cream sauce (E, G, Mk, SD)

Pan Roast Fillet of Hake

Pressed ratte potatoes, spinach purée, charred sweetcorn, mussel and clam velouté (F, G, Mk, Mo, SD)

Fillet of Sea Bream

Crushed new potatoes, sea herbs, pickled fennel and saffron foam (F, Mk, SD)

If you would like extra vegetables or potatoes then we offer the following sides: £5.25 each
Dauphinoise (Mk, SD)
Spinach and ricotta (Mk)
Triple cooked chips
Tenderstem broccoli, garlic oil and Parmesan (Mk)
New potatoes (Mk)
Fine beans, spring onion and pine nuts (Mk)
Pomme purée (Mk)
Talbooth salad (Mu, SD)

Lunch dessert selection

Spiced Rum Baba

Confit pineapple, coconut Chantilly and Malibu ice-cream (E, G, Mk, SD)

Peach Delice

Local raspberries, meringue and Granny Smith apple sorbet (E, G, Mk, SD)

Chef’s Selection of 3 Cheeses

Homemade grape chutney, biscuits, candied walnuts, grapes and celery (Ce, G, Mk, Mu, N, SD)



All of which are served with handmade petit fours …

Paddy & Scott’s coffee


Liqueur coffee


Mofo deluxe premium hot chocolate


Fixed price lunch

Three courses


Fixed price lunch

Two courses