Vegetarian Menu



Rosary Goats Ash and Pomegranate (v)

Beetroot, nut granola, endive and croutes (G, Mk, N, SD)


Truffle and Manchego Cheese Ravioli (v)

Mushroom purée and chanterelles (E, G, Mk, SD)



Seasonal Vegetable Open Ravioli (v)

Panache of vegetables, chard and truffle velouté (E, G, Mk, SD)


Onion and Chicory Tatin (v)

Pomme purée, creamed spinach and glazed finger carrot (E, G, Mk, S, SD)


Hand Rolled Gnocchi (v)

Peas, black garlic, rainbow chard and beurre blanc (E, G, Mk, SD)


If you would like extra vegetables or potatoes
then we offer the following sides: £5.25 each

Dauphinoise (Mk, SD)
Triple cooked chips
New potatoes (Mk)
Spinach and ricotta (Mk)
Tenderstem broccoli in garlic oil (Mk)
Fine beans, spring onion and pine nuts (Mk)
Talbooth salad (Mu, SD)