Lunch À la carte



Wasabi Crab Mayonnaise

Salted lemon, chorizo & calamari (C, E, G, Mk, Mu, SD)


Pressing of Guineafowl, Goose Liver and Parma Ham

Beetroot, apple and sorrel cress (Mk, SD)


Maple, Soy and Sesame Yellow Fin Tuna

Squid crisps, pickled radish, mung beans and sorrel (C, F, G, Mk, Mu, Se, SD)


Warm Tartlet of Artichoke, Leek and Potato (v)

Poached hens’ egg and truffle foam (E, G, Mk, SD)


Poached Pavé of Chalk Stream Trout

Broad bean fricassée, miso jelly, mizuna and cod roe (F, G, Mk, S, SD, Se)


Lobster Thermidor

Half Lobster starter accompanied with side salad (C, E, G, Mk, Mu, SD)


Main Course


Fillet of Dedham Vale Beef and Glazed Short Rib

Bone marrow, rainbow chard and potato boulangère (Ce, Mk, SD


Saddle of Thetford Forest Venison

Potato pressing, Jerusalem artichoke, kale and venison kofta (Ce, Mk, SD)


Butter Roast Lemon Sole Fillets

Samphire, ‘Nduja sausage and oyster (E, F, G, Mk, Mo)


Gruyère Crusted Halibut

Farfalle, tiger prawns, fresh peas and sauce Américaine (C, E, F, G, Mk, SD)


Mushroom and Goats Cheese Cadeaux (v)

Broccoli, butternut squash, confit egg yolk and curried velouté (Ce, E, G, L, Mk, Mu, SD)




Dark Chocolate Delice with Salted Caramel Centre

Poached fresh cherries and candied pistachio (E, G, Mk, N, SD)


Lemon Shortbread

Elderflower infused raspberries and lemon balm ice-cream (E, G, Mk, SD)


Ardleigh Raspberries and Strawberries

Clotted cream ice-cream and caramelised white chocolate (Mk, SD)


Talbooth Welsh Rarebit

Quince jelly and tahoon cress (C, E, G, Mk, SD)


Chef’s Selection Cheese Board

Homemade grape chutney, biscuits, grapes and celery (Ce, G, Mk, Mu, N, SD)