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Eat ‘out out’ at Le Talbooth in Dedham

When Essex went into Tier Two on Saturday 17th October it meant a couple of changes to eating out; with the new rule you can only eat inside a restaurant  with members of your  household.  Luckily, the Rule of Six still applies outside so you can still meet friends, family and business colleagues outside.

Which means that we’ve been having a bit of fun on the terrace at Le Talbooth and Milsoms in Dedham!  Many will be familiar with the famous ‘Milsoms Sail’ and with the addition of marquee sides, an abundance of heaters, festoon lighting and floor rugs we have made the terrace at Le Talbooth into a cosy place to have lunch or dinner.

BUT we do ask that you dress for the weather; think après-ski – thermals, thick socks, boots, jackets and scarves to enable you to enjoy our Winter Terrace at its best.  The food will also reflect the season with lots of delicious warming dishes on the menu (we did hear that Steak and Kidney pudding might be putting in an appearance) but there will definitely weekly ‘specials’ so watch this space for more details.  Most of all, we want your visit to Dedham to be fun, enjoyable and memorable.

To book a table at Le Talbooth, call 01206 323150 and let us know if you want to dine inside with your household  or ‘out out’ with up to six people!

This also applies to Milsoms, where the Winter Terrace is also up and running, as usual we don’t take bookings and the restaurant is open all day

Wed 21 Oct 2020, Sue Bunting