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Maison Talbooth are counting the days until work starts on their exciting new spa extension to The Treatment Rooms at the Pool House. 

This will give three more fabulous rooms, spa reception and chill out area ‘poolside’ in addition to the existing three rooms in the main house; effectively doubling the size of the spa. We will be able to offer a whole range of spa days at the Pool House (great for friends and hen parties); but if you need to pop in for a quick manicure then you may still prefer to use the rooms in the house as you do now. You are of course, more than welcome to use the new spa area!


Work starts at the Pool House on Monday 1st November. This will carry on throughout the winter with the new extended spa facility opening in the spring. This means that we are closing the outdoor pool area during the building work; this will not impact on the day to day running of the hotel; but we will not be able to run spa days while the pool and pool house are closed.

Geraldine Milsom is working on the design at the moment and we can’t wait to see her ideas and plans. We know the new spa extension is going to be a great addition to the Milsom Hotels.

As many of you know, 2022 is going to be quite a year for Le Talbooth as the restaurant celebrates her 70th birthday; it only seemed right that Maison Talbooth shared some of the action!

To book a treatment (and don’t forget your Christmas and December appointments); simply call 01206 322367 and our reservations will book you in. With three full time and four part time experienced therapists, each one has their ‘specialist’ treatments and the team are more than happy to help book the best therapist for you.

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Mon 18 Oct 2021, Sue Bunting