In readiness for the opening of the new Spa facility on 4th April, Milsom Hotels are happy to announce the rebranding of their luxury hotel, Maison Talbooth in Dedham.

This seemed the natural time to rename the hotel which from the beginning of April will be called ‘Talbooth House & Spa’.  The house will take on a different role and will be very much spa led and the number one place to step back, relax and indulge in Constable Country on the North Essex/Suffolk border. Of course, dining at Le Talbooth is always a major part of any stay in Dedham and is intrinsically linked to the hotel, so the restaurant too will undergo a subtle re-brand and from April onwards will be known simply as ‘Talbooth Restaurant’.

Paul Milsom commented ‘With the Talbooth Restaurant celebrating 70 years in 2022, we are of course looking back over the last seven decades, but it is also the time to look forward with the continued development of two of our fabulous properties in Dedham.  When my father Gerald started at Le Talbooth in 1952 and Maison Talbooth in 1969, France was the dominating influence in international hospitality, hence the use of French in the name. Seventy years on this is no longer the case, British hotels and restaurants are now amongst the best in the world, and we wanted to reflect this in our name. I suspect my father would have described this, as our version of Brexit!”

Mon 7 Feb 2022, Sue Bunting