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New for 2020; The Pier are delighted to welcome a different Shanty group into the NAVYARD on the first Sunday of each month.  The groups will entertain from 11.30 am for about 2 hours and yes, audience participation is encouraged and much appreciated!

Stevie Robson, general manager at The Pier said ‘at the beginning of February, the Rattlin’ Witches were due to perform on the Ha’penny Pier but due to the inclement weather they quickly decamped into the NAVYARD bar; the group have quite a following and we were delighted to welcome them in from the storm’.

The next singers will be the Naze Shanty Crew on Sunday 8th March; everyone is welcome, entry is free with complimentary roast potatoes, sausages and whitebait on the bar.

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Thu 20 Feb 2020, Sue Bunting