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What a fabulous title ‘Things to do in Harwich: Ships, Submarines and Seals’ – we were delighted to read the review of Harwich and The Pier by Roger Hermiston and Eileen Wise for Travel Begins at 40.

We heard that Roger is an historian, so he was in his element discovering Harwich with all its maritime history – and we learnt a lot to!

“Taking a short break from their native Suffolk, Roger Hermiston and Eileen Wise discover a plethora of things to do in Harwich, a surprisingly historic town with links to the New World.

Such was the prominence of Harwich back in Tudor times that young Queen Elizabeth I – just three years on the throne – elected to pay it a visit in the summer of 1561. After three days inspecting the shipyard and casting a critical eye over the town, the monarch climbed back on her horse and left her lodgings at the Three Cups Inn on Church Street with parting words that were music to the ears of the accompanying local magistrates. ‘A pretty town – and wants nothing’, was her verdict.”

You can read the rest of the review here.

Tue 9 Jul 2019, Milsom Hotels